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The Gaspesie National park is celebrating it’s 80th anniversary this year. Known for it’s breathtaking hikes, the national parc was created in April 1937 in order to protect the parc’s caribou, the Mont-Albert and Mont-McGrerrigle’s beauty, and salmon of the Sainte-Anne river. The mountains greatly influence the climate and scenery that creates a diversity unique in Quebec. Arctic-alpine plants and tundra environments constitutes a perfect natural habitat for the caribou herds, last of thiers species in the south of the Saint-Laurent.


The ruisseau castor coastal park will give you the chance to explore the wonderful and wild side of Gaspesie. Suspended bridges will allow you to see natural falls and canyons, but also the remains of an old wood mill. But that’s not all, a simple walk on the beach is necessary to admire the rock monolith that has given its name to Tourelle. Further on the coast, you will discover one of the rare still operating fishing harbors of the region. You will be mesmerized by the view of the ocean to coastal mountain trials have to offer.