LA KITCH room (Chill Shack)

Comfort and tranquility

*** Open year-round, this room is available at all times (all year round).***

This private room with a double bed is located on the floor of the less festive hostel, which is less than 150 meters from the main hostel’s main site.

Capacity: 1 to 2 people, price always based on double occupancy.

Guests who choose to reside in the Chill Shack have access to all the conveniences of home, which includes: a large outdoor balcony, two toilets, two showers, washer and dryer, two lounges with TV, internet wi-fi and a fully equipped kitchen with two refrigerators and all bedding.

Folks that sleep at the Chill Shack have access to all the events of the TIKI BAR, the sanitary blocks, the large communal kitchen, the beach, the Festive Barbe Rousse Canteen (depending on the season).

Prices shown include taxes and access to all shows at the tiki bar.

* Access to the Tiki Bar is reserved for 18 years old and over.