After more than a month of delay caused by the current health situation, we are happy to announce that the Auberge Festive Sea Shack will officially open on June 19, 2020 until September 20 inclusively. For the rest of the season or a later opening, follow us on our facebook page.

*** Several modifications had to be made in order to respect the health standards created by the COVID-19 crisis. Please read it before making a reservation.


Due to the current sanitary situation, the common kitchen will not be accessible for the 2020 season. You will need to provide the necessary equipment to store your food and also the adequate equipment for cooking. We will provide you with outdoor sinks to wash your dishes. An open-air marquee shelter will be set up for campers. Also, the tiki-bar will only be open during the day, from noon to 9 p.m. The Cantine Barberousse will be open and will offer special daily menus in addition to offering breakfasts, lunches and dinners.


To protect you and our employees, we have made the decision to reduce overall site traffic for the 2020 season (more than 50% reduction in total site capacity). In order to comply with the health standards in place, we have fixed minimum stays of 2 days (arrival on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday) and 3 days (arrival on Thursday or Friday) in “Night Autonomous” stay and 3 days (arrival Sunday, Monday or Tuesday) and 4 days (arrival Wednesday, Thursday or Friday) in cabin. This will allow us to reduce the number of daily arrivals and departures so that our reduced team of employees is able to welcome you in a friendly and safe manner.


The maximum number of people for a reservation will be 4, regardless of the type of accommodation. All persons included in a reservation must live at a maximum of 3 different addresses (3 household) and be able to prove it if necessary.


In order to allow us to offer clean and safe accommodation, we have defined new arrival and departure times. Arrival times remain the same for the campsite, at 3 p.m., but will now be at 5 p.m. for private cabin. Departure times will be fixed at 9:00 am for all types of accommodation.


All payments, regardless of the type of accommodation and the number of people, must be made in a single payment and paid by debit card, credit or cash.

Whether in a stand-alone night or in a private chalet, all our festive events have access to:

  • At all scheduled or improvised events at the Tiki Bar, open daily from 12:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
  • In the open-air marquee shelter so you can cook or chill on rainy days.
  • To outdoor sinks so you can do your dishes.
  • At Adventure Sea Shack activities. See availability on the Adventure Sea Shack page.
  • On the terrace which offers you a SICK view of the sunset.
  • At the Cantine Barberousse open from June 19 until Labor Day.
  • At the “Chin-Tas” (toilet block) open 24 hours.
  • At “Lavatoire à Humain” (large showers with sea view).
  • At the Beach, at Mont Festif, at Pic Castor and at the Ruisseau-Castor Coastal Park Walks.
  • A pétanque court.
  • Wi-Fi on request.
  • At reception, but especially at the innkeepers available to answer your questions from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

*** We provide complete bedding for all accommodation (except for standalone nights) ***

Take the time to read our policies as well as the F.A.Q.

* Access to the Tiki Bar is reserved for adults (18 and over) and access to the terrace is allowed for children under the supervision of a legal guardian at all times.

Hostelling International

All members of the HI (Hostelling International) network get a $ 5 discount per night upon presentation of their membership card. A maximum of 4 discounts (4 members) can be applied per accommodation. The discount does not apply to autnomous nights.

Le Sea Shack sous sa forme complète est présentement fermé pour une durée indéterminée. Il est par contre possible de louer le chalet festif, la maison bleue, le bungalow du Sea Shack et le Chill Shack en exclusivité pour toute cette période de fermeture partielle. Notez que nous acceptons seulement les réservations pour des petits groupes de 6 personnes et moins provenant de trois adresses différentes au maximum. La tarification pour cette période se fait à la pièce et les réservations doivent être d’un minimum de 5 nuits. Suivez notre page facebook pour les plus récentes informations. Dismiss