What is the Sea Shack ? Is it an inn ? Is it a beach? Is it a campsite? Is it a bar? Is it a performance hall? Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes! But at the same time, no! All of these depend on each other to create synergy. The Sea Shack is a whole that you will not find anywhere else. No matter what you add to it, the result is always one. One unique place! One magical beach! One eternal project in development. To achieve this and avoid taking you for granted, we have set ourselves a motivating mission in order to always seek to offer you the best of ourselves. What we offer you is the most faithful picture of what we want the world to look like. Here is our mission :

“Gather and welcome people from all walks of life around a magical, different, free and festive experience that inspires to remake the world”

In order to imbue this mission in our life, we have defined and established common values ​​which are shared by each member of the festive crew. These values ​​are, in our eyes, the most important things to respect in order to live better together and achieve our mission. As visitors to the Sea Shack, we expect you to share these values ​​too, on a daily basis during your stays with us. Here are these values :

  • At the Sea Shack we promote equality among all, regardless of color, sexual orientation, material wealth, gender or creed.

    • Here, we are free to be what we are, without judgment and with respect for others ;

  • At Sea Shack we are open minded musically. Visit us with a spirit of discovery.

    • Here, we promote emerging music from Quebec and elsewhere;

  • At Sea Shack we advocate a healthy mind in a healthy body. We’re partying a lot, but we like to remember it.

    • Here, we’re partying intelligently ;

  • At Sea Shack we advocate respect for the environment. We aim to be 100% eco-responsible.

    • Here, we’re partying cleanly ;

  • At Sea Shack we advocate freedom of choice. Everyone has the right to consent.

    • Here, we’re partying respectfully ;

  • At Sea Shack we advocate quality rather than quantity.

    • Here we buying local, regional or national;

  • At Sea Shack we like to chat, share, have fun and meet people.

    •  Here, we like to redo the world;

  • At Sea Shack, if you respect our values, long live freedom.

    • Here, everything is allowed.