In these difficult times for business, tourism and culture, the Sea Shack thanks you for investing in the sustainability and future sustainability of our project. Every dollar committed will go towards maintaining valuable jobs in the region as well as fostering a sustainable and responsible economy that we have been striving to create for several years.


In order to provide a more intimate experience focused on quality rather than quantity, we have made the decision to reduce overall traffic to the site.

From now on, we will offer stays of a minimum of two (2) nights in order to:

  • Have a smaller team with better working conditions;
  • Be more ecological (less travel, less laundry, etc.);
  • Ensure the sustainability of our site and allow nature to remain queen there;
  • Always be ready and in control of housekeeping and site maintenance;
  • Not put our employees in situations of intense pressure in order to meet arrival and departure times, both at housekeeping, at reception and at the bar.

Why the fixed arrival dates?? As the team is smaller, we cannot afford to deal with a huge flow of arrivals and therefore daily departures. Internally, we have high quality standards to welcome you every day and offer you a site that meets your expectations. We want to offer you the best “Sea Shack” experience while ensuring the sustainability of the business and being fair to our employees, fair to you and fair to the local population.


For the 2022 season, we are offering two (2) types of access to enjoy a stay at the Sea Shack.

  • SELF-AUTONOMOUS STAY (Camping, Small RV, Converted Car, Sleeping Bag on the Beach)
    • Arrival: 3:00 pm
    • Departure: 9:00 am
  • PRIVATE CABINS (Festive, Madame Marcel, Grange, Youppi, Patriote, Viking, Fraisinette, Calotte and Switzerland)
    • Predetermined stays of two (2) or three (3) nights;
    • Maximum capacity: 2 to 6 people (depending on the capacity of the cabins);
    • Arrival: 5:00 pm
    • Departure: 9:00 am

In order to avoid unfortunate situations and find yourself with nothing left, we ask that you reserve in advance. Since demand is high and supply is limited, it is more than important to book your trip to Gaspé Peninsula.

We try to respond as quickly as possible to all your messages, whether it’s email, phone, or Facebook. Please note that we are a very small team and that we cannot afford to deal with the sometimes overwhelming flow of messages received in one day. This is why we recommend that you plan ahead to book your stay at the Sea Shack and use the correct mode of communication.

For a reservation in a cabin:

  • info@aubergefestive.com
  • 1-866-963-2999

To book a self-autonomous stay (camping):


At Auberge Festive Sea Shack, everyone is welcome, regardless of age, color, gender, sexual orientation or religion. If you come with your family, it’s perfect, but the Sea Shack is not the place to come and have the best night’s sleep. Are you coming to party with your gang? This is not the place to come and get high. At the Sea Shack, we listen to each other and follow the vibe!


We offer free water activities with all our stays. Paddle board (SUP) and boreal apnea are therefore on the menu. They are offered when the weather conditions are favourable. We also offer fishing rod rental ($).


We are animal lovers. However, not everyone is comfortable around them. As we welcome people from many different backgrounds, we ask that you keep your animals with you and on a leash at all times. Pets are not allowed in the bar area during the evening or when it is very busy during the day.


Although we allow it, we suggest that you do not bring your own alcohol. We offer you local beers and various cocktails in a most enchanting environment. By buying at our bar, it is not only the Sea Shack that you are encouraging, but also Gaspé microbreweries as well as a local economy, independent and proud to be from the province of Quebec.


Come and discover our shop which is located at the heart of our site and which is attached to our reception. It is open throughout the season and you will find small pearls there. Whether it’s items bearing the effigy of the Sea Shack, our thrift store or our costumier at low prices, you will find everything to make your stay memorable. We also lend, free of charge, board games, beach games and many other things to enhance your stay with us.


The Barberousse Canteen will be present to offer you various dishes to enjoy on our large furnished terrace. The Barbarusse team will be present from June until September to serve you light breakfast, dinners and suppers. (Schedules and services may vary depending on opening periods)

In order to stimulate the local economy, we strongly encourage you to go to restaurants, shops and small businesses that are more dependent on tourist traffic.


The shared kitchen is now closed. You will need to provide the necessary equipment to store your food and cook. A cooler or the equivalent to store your food will come in handy. The same goes with a small portable stove. Outdoor sinks  to do your dishes will be available to you as well as an open-area shelter for cooking on rainy days. Although they are used for the Barberousse Canteen, please note that you can use the tables on the terrace for those who would like to picnic.


Our beach is large and accessible to all. So you can make campfires there. A common campfire is available to all to bring travelers together. On the other hand, if you want to have your personal fire, it is possible. Yvan “Dubois” frequently comes by in the evening to sell wood with his ATV. On the other hand, Yvan is a free being and we love him that way. Since it’s a volunteer job, he doesn’t come every evening. If a campfire is a must for you, do not forget to bring your wood because it is not guaranteed that he will be there.

With that, the Auberge Festive Sea Shack team looks forward to welcoming you in a good mood and joy around a fabulous local beer! We look forward to hearing your beautiful discussions and spending time with you in a holiday and relaxing atmosphere!