(COVID-19) I have symptoms and think I have SARS-COV-2? What can I do?

First, go to the detection clinic closest to you and avoid contacting other people. It goes without saying that if you experience flu-like symptoms or have been around one or more people who have been positive for COVID-19 lately, PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT GO TO OUR REGION. Please call us to let us know. Together we will find a solution that will accommodate everyone. Here is our cancellation policy: (COVID-19) CANCELLATION OR MODIFICATION POLICY

(COVID-19) If I come without a reservation, can I still have a place to sleep?

Since we will operate at reduced capacity and in order to respect our employees, we ask you to book in advance in order to avoid unfortunate situations and find yourself in hot water. It is more important than ever to book your trip to the Gaspé Peninsula. We absolutely want to avoid a continuous back and forth at our front desk.

(COVID-19) I am trying to reach you but no news from you. What's going on?

We try to answer to all your messages as quickly as possible, whether by phone, email or Facebook. You must know that we are a very small team and sometimes, we cannot afford to handle the impressive flow of messages received in a day. This is why we recommend that you take time in advance in order to book your stay at the Sea Shack and go through the correct mode of communication.

For a reservation:

– reservations@aubergefestive.com
– 1-866-963-2999

For a question that is not related to booking or shows:

– info@aubergefestive.com
– 1-866-963-2999
– Facebook (our innkeepers do not have access to Facebook)

(COVID-19) Why are you showing full even if there is room on the beach?

So then , THE question we are asked most often! Here are the reasons:

  • In order to comply with public health rules;
  • The Sea Shack is in great demand and it is very important for us to ensure your safety in order to continue the party for a very long time;
  • Our festive crew wants to offer you quality service and for that, well, we have to have the time to respond to all in all situations;
  • We want to conserve the natural spaces (beaches, banks, forests, etc.) that surround us;
  • Our facilities could not survive if we did not put a limit;

In short, although we would like to accept all the folks of the earth, every evening, we must put a certain limit. Yep, but one more, one less, what does that change? We all know, one more at Sea Shack does not exist! Thank you for your understanding and the best way to be sure you have a place at Sea Shack is to book in advance.

(COVID-19) Why did you decrease your on site capacity?

In order to protect you and our employees, we have made the decision to reduce the overall site traffic for the 2020 season. This decision was made to comply with the sanitary rules in place and to be able to respect the distance of 2 meters on all our site as well as the common spaces made available to our customers.

(COVID -19) Will it still be a party place?

Yes, we will do everything possible to offer you a festive, authentic and safe experience. On the other hand, in 2020, the festivity will be in the little things (happy hours with friends, firecamp on the beach, bring your own costumes, surprise events, etc.).

Be aware that if you already had the Sea Shack experience in the past, it will be very different this summer. Do not expect to be drunk, crawling at 2:00 am.

(COVID-19)Are the same rules that normally apply past years will apply despite everything?

In order to offer a safe environment to our employees, our customers and our surrounding population, we ask you to respect our instructions. We want more than anything to offer you a pleasant, beneficial and magic experience despite the current context. Compliance with these rules will dictate the atmosphere on the site but also contribute to maintaining social peace and a reasonable level of acceptability of the population.

(COVID-19) Why will the bar close at 9:00 pm?

To avoid overflows and displaced behavior. Heavy alcohol consumption and social distancing do not mix. You must know that we made this decision in order to respect you, our employees and also the surrounding population.

(COVID-19) Do you plan to change your household routine?

Yes! We have always been proud to offer clean accommodation and common places, so we will take advantage of the current crisis to carry out several households a day in the common areas in order to meet the standards in force. We will ask you to respect the different rules that we will implement. Leave aside your beliefs and opinions on the pandemic which may differ from our guidelines since we do not want our employees to play the police. Respect for each and everyone will allow you to live a holiday in peace and peace of mind.

(COVID-19) that I can bring my personal alcohol?

Exceptionally this year, we suggest that you do not bring your personal alcohol. We had to significantly reduce our opening season and our occupancy rate. We also had to cut several jobs and it is essential for us that you encourage our trade as much as possible. We will offer you local beers and cocktails in a very safe environment. By buying from our bar, it is not only the Sea Shack that you encourage but also our microbreweries which have also had difficult times. Thank you for your understanding.

(COVID-19) Will there be any shows this summer?

Unfortunately no! In any case, not as we have done in the past. However, we are working to offer varied and improvised cultural content. Be on the lookout during your stay, there might be surprises.

(COVID-19) Can I come with my friends this summer?

Yes and no! It will all depend on the type of accommodation you choose. Everything can evolve over the season according to the public health recommendations. Here are the details to know:

  • We do not accept reservations for more than 4 people;
  • Cabin reservations must be made by people living at a maximum of 3 differents address (three different household).
  • Outdoor gatherings cannot be more than 10 people and 3 households at the same time.

(COVID-19) Will it be possible to do campfire on the beach?

Please note that we will not be doing common firecamp. We want to avoid parties until the wee hours that could jeopardize everyone’s health and safety. Individual firecamp will be allowed, but we ask that you act respectfully to avoid slippage and let your neighbors enjoy a restful sleep.

(COVID-19) will there be a restaurant on site?

Barberousse canteen will be on hand to offer you different dishes to enjoy on our large terrace fitted out with social distancing measures. The Barberousse team will be present from June 19th until Labor Day to serve you light breakfasts, lunches and dinners. It is high time to spoil yourself and finally let someone else cook!

(COVID-19) Why is there no shared kitchen?

The shared kitchen will be closed for the 2020 season. For obvious sanitary reasons, it is impossible for us to safely offer a closed and shared kitchen. Although they are used for the Barberousse Canteen, note that you will still be able to use the tables on the terrace for those who would like to picnic. An outdoor sink for your dishes will be available. You will also need to provide a cooler or equivalent to store your food since it will not be possible to use the fridges inside the hostel.

(COVID-19) Can we bring our food?

If for reasons you had to bring food with you, we ask you not to go to the only grocery store in town unless of an essential need. Already overwhelmed by the local population, they are not able to accept all the tourists who will be in the region. Please make your purchases of essential needs in the shops close to your hometown before going to our beautiful part of the country. You will also need to provide a cooler or the equivalent to store your food since it will not be possible to use the fridges inside the hostel. We strongly encourage you to go to restaurants, shops and small businesses that are more dependent on tourist traffic, and this while respecting their established guidelines.

(COVID-19) Will the toilet block be accessible?

Yes! The toilets of the Chinese Temple will be accessible at all times with a limit of users present at the same time inside. The showers of the Chinese Temple will be closed for the season. As for showers and other toilets, the Human Lavatoir will be available at all times. Please note that the cleaning will be done regularly in order to respect the standards in force.

(COVID-19) Will there be dormitories this summer?

No! There will be no dormitory this summer. The purpose of a dormitory is to share space at low cost with other travelers. Since it is not allowed to be more than a family unit (people living at the same address) in the same accommodation, it goes without saying that the dormitories are not accessible.

(COVID-19) What are the arrival and departure time?

In order to respect public health regulations and to offer clean accommodation and camping sites while ensuring the safety of our employees, we have decided to change arrival and departure times of accommodation to allow time to rest between departure, cleaning and arrival. Here are the changed hours:


  • Autonomous night:
    • Arrival: 3:00 p.m.
    • Departure: 9:00 a.m.
  • Private cabin:
    • Arrival: 5:00 p.m.
    • Departure: 9:00 a.m.

(COVID-19) Why is there a minimum night requirement?

We have strategically chosen to put a minimum of nights in order to:


  • Have a small team of employees for the season. We will only be team members living year-round in the Gaspé Peninsula. Despite the success of the Sea Shack, know that we, like many companies in the region, are in a precarious situation due to the current crisis. Our business model was not based on 50% traffic;
  • Avoid too much traffic which would make us lose control of the site and no longer be able to meet the standards in place;
  • Always be ready and in control of the cleaning and maintenance of the site and not to put our employees in risky situations in order to reach the deadlines of arrivals and departures, both in the household, at reception and at the bar.

(COVID-19) Why did we set up fixed arrival days?

In fact, for you, it is arrival day, but for us it is mainly departure day. It should be understood that several points influenced this decision. Since we have to respect new sanitary and distancing rules, in addition to reducing our capacity, we had to adjust our work team in order to get there monetarily.

As the team is smaller, we cannot afford to handle a huge influx of arrivals and therefore daily departures. We must be up to it every day to ensure your safety and especially that of our employees. We want to offer you the best Sea Shack experience while being profitable, just with our employees, just with you and just with the local population and avoid incessant traffic.

(COVID-19) How will the campsite work this summer?

The campsite will operate similar to the last seasons but with a few modifications. You will always need to register before setting up on the beach in order to have all the information. We will still not offer predefined sites, but our team is busy preparing the ground to highlight the best sites where you can set up. In order to comply with standards, we will ask you to leave a lot of space between you and your neighbors. It will be essential to respect your tent neighbors and to be eco-responsible. Trash bags will be made available to you to collect all your waste.

(COVID-19) I live in the region or I am on vacation in another accommodation. Can I come to the Sea Shack?

Yes! You can be present during the opening hours of the bar (12h00 to 21h00) and of the Cantine Barberousse (8h00 to 20h00) if the traffic and space still allows social distancing.

(COVID-19) Is there a minimum or maximum age to come to the Sea Shack?

No, everyone is welcome.

(COVID-19) Do I have to wear a mask?

We let you make the decision for yourself. As for us, our policy is that employees will have to wear it if they are on duty or if they cannot respect the 2 meters distance .

(COVID-19) Will there be a costumer this summer?

Unfortunately no! We invite you to bring your own disguises to perpetuate this Sea Shack tradition!

(COVID-19) Do you provide bedding and towels?

Yes! We provide all bedding (pillowcases & pillows, sheets & blankets), as well as towels, for all private cabin. For camping, you must bring your bedding and your own towel. You cannot use your own sheets, pillows or sleeping bags in our indoor accommodation.

(COVID-19) I am a lonely traveler, will I meet people?

At Sea Shack, as long as you respect social distancing, strangers are friends in the making.

(COVID-19) Do families also have fun at the Sea Shack?

For sure!!!! More than ever families are welcome at the Sea Shack. Every year lots of families come to the Sea Shack and have a lot of fun! It is an enriching and original environment for children with all these beautiful people who walk everywhere on the site. But hey, since we want to be very honest with you, it may be very rock at the Sea Shack, no curfew and celebrations that let loose their crazy (with social distancing, of course and with respect!). The festive crew will be more than happy to receive all the beautiful families!

*** Children have access to the bar terrace if accompanied and at all times under the supervision of a legal guardian.

Can I sleep in my car?

Yes! You can sleep in your car without any problem. To do this, you must refer to the “Night Autonomous” package. Your automobile must be of a standard size, such as a small van (westfalia type) or any other car not exceeding 21 feet in length. We do not accept the types of accommodation attached to a trailer (trailers, fifth wheel, etc.).

*** We reserve the right to cancel or refuse access to one or more persons who have made a reservation for an “Night Autonomous” which would include a non-regulatory vehicle.

Is it dog friendly?

Yes, however we ask that the dogs are always, always, always on a leash. In addition, dogs cannot enter all buildings, even the bar!

If I want to hike, but I am a little hangover to go to the Parc de la Gaspésie, what can I do?

You can go climbing the Mont Festif or the Pic Castor who depart from the Sea Shack…

Can I see whales and other sea mammals from the Sea Shack?

Yes, you can even blow the trumpet to warn other travelers. However, if you ring it and it’s a rock, you pay at the bar!

I would like to volunteer, how does it work?

Yesss! Our needs are very variable, that’s why we manage this case by case. For more information, send an email to guillaume@aubergefestive.com

I want to come and play with my band, who am I contacting?

You send an email to Seb Fou: sebastien@aubergefestive.com