Aventure Sea Shack has all the necessary equipment to make you live and feel the sea more closely. We are equipped with a fleet of 13 SUPs and all the necessary equipment for snorkeling. We offer equipment loan and supervision of your outings (advice, surveillance, rescue). On the other hand, the outings are not guided.

All travelers who reside at the Sea Shack (independent stays and stays in cabins or houses) can use our facilities FREE of charge.

The equipment will be loaned to you for one hour and must be used on site (on the sea at the Sea Shack). We only have a few wet suit, so it will be important to listen carefully to the crew members regarding the water temperature recommendations.

What we lend: Paddle board, PFD, paddle, thermal suit, mask, snorkel, fins, balaclava, glove, thermal boots.

People who do not reside at the Sea Shack will have to pay for the rental of the equipment. The price is $ 22 (plus tax) for one hour whether for SUP or snorkeling.

Details regarding equipment loans:

  • Always depending on the availability of boards and that of a team member.
  • Equipment must remain on the hostel site.
  • The weather must be suitable for a safe sea trip.
  • The innkeeper reserves the right to refuse anyone who does not seem able to do an activity.
  • The participant is responsible for his equipment during his outing.
  • Loans are approximately one hour.


Stand-Up paddle boarding is a wonderful way to discover several types of bodies of water (sea, lake, river). It is a very stable rigid board that you can stand on, kneel on and even sit on. Propelled by means of a paddle, this board gives a bird’s eye view of the seabed.

SORKELING in Gaspésie?

Et oui!  Les fonds marins à proximité du Sea Shack regorgent de merveilles à observer.  Crabes, étoiles de mer, oursins, homards, poissons, etc.  Il s’agit de bien s’habiller et de bien suivre les recommandations de notre équipe afin de vivre une belle expérience d’apnée BORÉALE.   À découvrir.


Rental of “sea” fishing rods and the necessary equipment to bring your supper! Fishing possible directly from the Sea Shack or come talk to our guides to learn the local secrets! Gaspesian lure included, to take home to impress your father.

PRICE: From $17,50 for a full day.


It is possible for outside visitors (who do not live at the Sea Shack) to rent SUP or boreal apnea equipment. The cost is $22 for one hour plus tax.

Access to activities for visitors is subject to the availability of equipment and the activities must be practiced on the Sea Shack site (you cannot leave with the equipment).