For the 2024 summer season, we are pleased to announce that the Sea Shack Auberge Festive will be open in its full form from May 31 to September 21 inclusively.

Reservations will begin on April 26, 2024. The update of our website, prices and shows will be available somewhere at the middle of April, 2024.


The length of stays is two (2) or three (3) nights*** for cabin stays during weekends and high season. These are in fact predetermined stays with fixed arrival and departure dates which are detailed in the sheet for each accommodation. During the low season period (June and September), there is no minimum stay for cabin stays during the week.

There is no minimum length of stay for self-autonomous stays (camping, vanlife, etc.).

Also, there is no minimum length of stay for stays in private rooms or dormitories (Chill Shack).

*** If cabin accommodation is still available two (2) days before the arrival date, it will be possible to rent it without a minimum duration, as long as the reservation does not encroach on another predetermined stay.

**We provide complete bedding for all accommodations (except for self-autonomous stays)**


The maximum accommodation capacity varies according to the type of accommodation (1 to 9 people).


In order to allow us to offer clean accommodation, here are the arrival and departure times. The arrival time for self-autonomous stays is set at 3:00 pm, and that of the cabin is set at 5:00 pm. For all types of stay, you must have left the occupied space by 11:00 a.m. on the day of your departure.


All payments, regardless of the type of accommodation and the number of people, must be made as mentioned in the policy associated with the type of accommodation chosen. For telephone or email reservations, we only accept payment by credit card. When a reservation is made on site the same day, we accept payment by debit, credit or cash card.


The shared kitchen is open daily from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. Please plan your meals accordingly. The kitchen tools necessary for the realization of your gourmet meals (or not) are available to you during opening hours. Dishwashing is not included. The kitchen is accessible only to those with a valid access.

A large fridge is at your disposal to store your food. Space is limited, so first come, first served. It is not possible to put alcohol in the fridges of the hostel.

If you choose to be independent, you will need to provide the necessary equipment to store your food and cook. A cooler or the equivalent to store your food will be very useful. The same goes with a small portable stove. Outdoor sinks for washing up are available to you as well as an open-air shelter for cooking on rainy days. Although they are used for the canteen, please note that you can use the tables on the terrace for those who would like to picnic.

The Tiki Bar will be open from noon to 2 a.m. and the Barberousse Canteen will be open and will offer lunch, dinner and dinner menus.

Whether for a self-autonomous stay, in a private room, in a dormitory or in a cabin, all our party people have access to:

  • At all planned or improvised events at the Tiki Bar, open every day from 12:00 pm to 2:00 am.
  • At the shared kitchen of the Auberge.
  • A covered shelter where they can cook or chill on rainy days.
  • To outdoor sinks where they can do their dishes.
  • To the shows and entertainment offered by our team.
  • Adventure Sea Shack activities. See availability on the Adventure Sea Shack page.
  • The “La Légria” Boutique, to find disguises at low prices to enhance your stay and many other goods of the Sea Shack.
  • The terrace which offers you a SICK view of the sunset.
  • The Barberousse Canteen open from June to September.
  • The sanitary block open 24 hours.
  • The “human lavatory” (large showers with a view of the sea).
  • the beach and the Mont Festif hike.
  • The petanque court located directly by the sea.
  • Wi-Fi on request.
  • To a safe environment no matter the time of day.
  • Members of the festive team, available to answer your questions.

Take the time to read our policies as well as the F.A.Q.

*Access to the Tiki Bar is reserved for adults (18 years and over) and access to the terrace is authorized for children, until 8:00 p.m., under the supervision, at all times, of a parent, a legal guardian or a holder of parental authority.

To find out everything you need to know about cabin stays, click HERE.