The Sea Shack concept

The Sea Shack is more than just a youth hostel, it’s an eternal project in development. This is our mission:

“Gather and welcome people from all walks of life around a magical, different, free and festive experience that inspires to remake the world”

Our main value is gathering. At Sea Shack everyone talks to each other and it’s beautiful to see.

Here are our values:

At Sea Shack we advocate equality between all, regardless of color, sexual orientation, material wealth, gender, belief.

At Sea Shack, we are free to be what we are without judgment in respect of others.

At Sea Shack we encourage openness. Even when it’s not your favorite tune that plays, here we encourage emerging music from Quebec and elsewhere.

At Sea Shack we advocate a healthy mind in a healthy body. We celebrate loudly but we like to remember it. Here, we party intelligently.

At the Sea Shack we advocate respect for the environment. Here we party cleanly.

At Sea Shack we advocate freedom of choice. Everyone has the right to consent. Here we party respectfully.

At Sea Shack we advocate quality rather than quantity. Here we consume local, regional or national.

At Sea Shack we like to discuss, share, have fun, make beautiful encounters. Here, we like it to redo the world.

At Sea Shack, if you respect our values, long live freedom. Here everything is allowed.

The Sea Shack offers unique concepts for every season. Whether you come enjoy a relaxing fall, a bustling spring or a very festive summer, the crew will always find a way to make your experience unforgettable! You will love the Sea Shack no matter when you come!

Here are 5 great reasons for you to come see us!

  • To meet everyone on the crew, world-renowned for their crazy antics and festive attitude!
  • To hang out at the Tiki Bar both day and night. Dance during performances by your favorite bands. You can even strut your stuff on the terrasse with a princess dress from our costume collection!
  • To share a meal, a beer (or two or…) with other Sea Shackers in a great atmosphere filled with laughter, adventure and joie de vivre
  • To participate in the many activities offered by the Sea Shack (SHACKÀL’EAU) and our partners. Be they in the mountains, at sea or right on the beach.
  • To admire and take advantage of our installations and original constructions.


L'ouverture du Sea Shack est retardée au 5 juin 2020. Suivez notre page facebook pour les plus récentes informations. Dismiss