The Sea Shack concept

What is the Sea Shack ? Is it an inn ? Is it a beach? Is it a campsite? Is it a bar? Is it a performance hall? Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes! But at the same time, no! All of these depend on each other to create synergy. The Sea Shack is a whole that you will not find anywhere else. No matter what you add to it, the result is always one. One unique place! One magical beach! One eternal project in development. To achieve this and avoid taking you for granted, we have set ourselves a motivating mission in order to always seek to offer you the best of ourselves. What we offer you is the most faithful picture of what we want the world to look like. Here is our mission :

“Gather and welcome people from all walks of life around a magical, different, free and festive experience that inspires to remake the world”

In order to imbue this mission in our life, we have defined and established common values ​​which are shared by each member of the festive crew. These values ​​are, in our eyes, the most important things to respect in order to live better together and achieve our mission. As visitors to the Sea Shack, we expect you to share these values ​​too, on a daily basis during your stays with us. Here are these values :

  • At the Sea Shack we promote equality among all, regardless of color, sexual orientation, material wealth, gender or creed.

    • Here, we are free to be what we are, without judgment and with respect for others ;

  • At Sea Shack we are open minded musically. Visit us with a spirit of discovery.

    • Here, we promote emerging music from Quebec and elsewhere;

  • At Sea Shack we advocate a healthy mind in a healthy body. We’re partying a lot, but we like to remember it.

    • Here, we’re partying intelligently ;

  • At Sea Shack we advocate respect for the environment. We aim to be 100% eco-responsible.

    • Here, we’re partying cleanly ;

  • At Sea Shack we advocate freedom of choice. Everyone has the right to consent.

    • Here, we’re partying respectfully ;

  • At Sea Shack we advocate quality rather than quantity.

    • Here we buying local, regional or national;

  • At Sea Shack we like to chat, share, have fun and meet people.

    •  Here, we like to redo the world;

  • At Sea Shack, if you respect our values, long live freedom.

    • Here, everything is allowed.


In these difficult times for business, tourism and culture, the Sea Shack thanks you for investing in the sustainability and future sustainability of the project. Each dollar spent will help maintain valuable jobs in the region as well as encourage a sustainable and responsible economy that we have strived to create for several years.

In order to provide a safe environment for our employees, our customers as well as our population, we have put together a specially thought-out concept for you based on the current context. More than anything, we want to offer you a pleasant, beneficial and nevertheless magical experience.


In order to protect you and our employees, we have made the decision to reduce the overall site traffic by 50 % for the 2020 season. This decision was made in order to comply with the sanitary rules in place and to be able to respect the distance of 2 meters across our site as well as the common areas made available to our customers.

We have strategically chosen to require minimum night stays in order to :

  • Have a small team for the season. We will only be the members of the team living year-round in the Gaspé Peninsula. Despite the success of the Sea Shack, you must know that we are, like many companies in the region, in a precarious situation due to the current crisis. Our business model was not based on 50 % traffic ;
  • Avoid too much traffic which would make us lose control over the site and no longer be able to meet the standards in place;
  • Always be ready and in control of the cleaning and maintenance of the site and don’t have to put our employees in risky situations in order to reach the arrival and departure dealines, both in the household, at reception and at the bar.

As far as the days of fixed arrival are concerned, in fact, for you, these are arrival days, but for us, these are mainly departure days. It should be understood that several points influenced this decision. Since we have to respect new sanitary and distancing rules, in addition to reducing our capacity, we had to adjust our work team in order to get there financially.

Since our team is smaller, we cannot afford to handle a huge influx of arrivals and therefore daily departures. We have to be up to it every day to ensure your safety and that of our employees. We want to offer you the best “Sea Shack” experience while ensuring the sustainability of the business, being just with our employees, just with you and just with the local population and avoid incessant back-and-forth at our front-desk.


For the 2020 season, we offer two types of access to enjoy a stay at the Sea Shack :

  •  NIGHT AUTONOMOUS (camping, small RV, fitted car, sleeping bag on the beach)
    • 2 or 3 nights stay
    • Arrival: 3:00 p.m.
    • Departure: 9:00 a.m.
    •  3 or 4 nights stay
    • Cabin for 2, 3 or 4 people maximum
    • Arrival: 5:00 p.m.
    • Departure: 9:00 a.m.

In order to comply with public health recommendations, we have set certain points that you must respect in order to make a reservation :

  • We do not accept reservations for more than 4 people ;
  • Cabin reservations must be made by people living at 3 differents adress maximum (three different household) ;
  • Outdoor gatherings cannot be more than 10 people and 3 households at the same time.

There will be no dormitory this summer. The purpose of a dormitory is to share space at low cost with other travelers. Since it is not allowed to be more than one family unit (people living at the same address) in the same accommodation, it goes without saying that the dormitories are not accessible.

Since we will operate at reduced capacity and in order to respect our employees, we ask you to book in advance to avoid unfortunate situations and find yourself in hot water. It is more important than ever to book your trip to the Gaspé Peninsula. We absolutely want to avoid a continuous back and forth at our front-desk.

We try to answer as quickly as possible to all of your messages, whether by phone, email or Facebook. You have to know that we are a very small team and that we cannot afford to handle the sometimes impressive flow of messages received in a day. This is why we recommend that you make sure you book in advance to book your stay at the Sea Shack and go through the correct mode of communication.

For a reservation:

  • 1-866-963-2999


The Sea Shack turns over! Yes! Who would have thought that the Sea Shack should decrease its rate of festivity… This summer, we will prioritize outdoor activities and relaxing on the beach during the day. This is why we will open the bar at 12 noon and close it not too late.

Despite everything, we will do everything possible to offer you a festive, authentic and safe experience. On the other hand, in 2020, the festivity will be in the little things (happy hours with friends, firecamp on the beach, bring your costumes, surprise events, etc.). Be aware that if you have had the Sea Shack experience in the past, it will be very different this summer. Don’t expect big parties until the wee hours of the morning surrounded by dozens of friends.

Why do we limit the party? In order to avoid overflows and inappropriate behavior. Heavy drinking and social distancing do not go together. You must know that we made this decision to respect you, our employees and the people of the region.


Unfortunately, this summer, there will be no show in the form that you have experienced in the past. However, we are working to offer varied and improvised cultural content. We have set up several cultural projects that will please you throughout your stay. Be on the lookout during your stay, there might be surprises.

On the menu:

  • Project “On r’fais tu l’monde”: This is a series of 9 conferences with an environmental flavor. There will be one conference per week from June 26, 2020. The dates and times are yet to be determined, but we will have the chance to host, virtual or in person, several very good speakers from across Quebec ;
  • “Outdoor documentary” project : Every week, at least one documentary will be shown outdoors on a giant screen. This project is carried out in collaboration with the organization Paraloeil of Rimouski. The dates and times remain to be determined. The documentaries will in french ;
  • Artists in residence : Throughout the season, artists you love will reside at Sea Shack in order to create creative residencies. For one week each, these residencies will give artists the chance to come and compose, write and create. Who knows what can happen when we have artists in the place… we let you imagine. The composition of the residences and their dates will remain secret… that’s also a bit of the magic of Sea Shack.


Exceptionally, this year, we suggest that you do not bring your personal alcohol. We had to significantly reduce our opening season and our occupancy rate. We also had to cut several jobs and it is essential for us that you encourage our trade as much as possible.

We will offer you local beers and cocktails in a most secure environment. By buying at our bar, it is not only the Sea Shack that you encourage, but also our regional microbreweries which have also had difficult times.


Please note that this summer we will not be making a common firecamp on the beach. We want to avoid the party until the wee hours, which could jeopardize everyone’s health and safety. Individual firecamp are allowed, but we ask you to act respectfully to avoid slippage and let your neighbors enjoy a restful sleep. In short, this year is going by day, be there!


The common kitchen will be closed for the 2020 season. For obvious sanitary reasons, it is impossible for us to offer you in a safe environment a closed and shared kitchen.

You will need to provide the necessary equipment in order to store your food and cook. A cooler or equivalent to store your food will be very useful since it will not be possible to use the fridges inside the inn. The same goes with a small portable stove since you will not have access to the ovens of the inn. Outdoor sinks for doing your dishes will be available as well as an open-air marquee shelter for cooking on rainy days. Although they are used for the Barberousse Canteen, please note that you will be able to use the tables on the terrace for those who would like to picnic.

For this summer and to stimulate the local economy, which will have more than enough, we strongly encourage you to go to restaurants, shops and small businesses that are more dependent on tourist traffic, while respecting their instructions in place.

If for reasons you need to bring food or essentials things with you, we ask you not to go to the only grocery store in the region unless there is an essential need. Already overwhelmed by the local population, it is not able to accept all the tourists who will be in the region. Thank you for shopping for basic necessities in shops in your area before going to our beautiful corner of the country.


Barberousse Canteen will be on hand to offer you various dishes to enjoy on our large terrace fitted out with standards of social distancing. The Barberousse team will be present from June 19 until Labor Day to serve you light breakfasts, lunches and dinners. It is high time to spoil yourself and let someone cook for you.


The washroom toilets will be accessible at all times with a limit of users present inside at the same time. The showers in the toilet block will be closed for the season. As for showers and other toilets, the “Human Lavatory” will be available at all times.

We are proud to offer clean accommodation and common areas, so we will take advantage of the current crisis to carry out several households a day in common areas to meet the standards in force. We will ask you to respect the different rules that we will implement. Leave aside your beliefs and opinions on the pandemic which may differ from our guidelines since we do not want our employees to play the police. The respect of each and everyone will allow you to live a holiday in peace and peace of mind.

With that, the team at Auberge Festive Sea Shack is looking forward to welcoming you in a good mood and in joy! Even if the cheers from happy hours with our fabulous local beers will be done from a distance, we are looking forward to hearing your beautiful discussions and spending time with you in a good atmosphere of holidays and relaxation! And oh yes! Even if there will be no costumers this year, we strongly encourage you to bring your own. The festivity is in small things. Cheers!


Le Sea Shack sous sa forme complète est présentement fermé pour une durée indéterminée. Nous prévoyons ouvrir nos installations le 11 juin 2021. Nous débuterons à prendre les réservations aux alentours du début juin. Suivez-nous sur notre page Facebook. À bientôt. Dismiss